Best Long Range Baby Monitors

Due to the fast-moving life, the schedules are very tough these days. Therefore, when parents bring their newborn baby home, they don’t feel comfortable leaving the baby alone while they work, especially mothers when they do the housework; however, baby monitors help solve this problem.

Having a baby monitor allows you to keep connected with your baby no matter what work you are doing. However, since baby monitors operate on signals, having a big house can disturb their signals, and therefore, signals cannot reach you if you’re on the other side of the house. Most baby monitors come with short-range signals; however, there are some long range baby monitors also.

In this article, you can find some of the best long range baby monitors.

What Is A Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is just like a CCTV camera that helps parents in monitoring their babies remotely. In the early days, baby monitors just worked on audio technology, but the baby monitors now come with audio and video recording as the technology advanced. These baby monitors also come with different sensors like movement, sound, and room temperature so that parents are constantly updated on what their baby is doing.  

Things To Consider Before Buying A Baby Monitor:

  • Buy the one that has both audio and video monitoring.
  • Analyze your house size and then finalize the range.
  • Battery life
  • Signal frequency.
  • Two-way audio.

What Are The Best Long Range Baby Monitors?

Below you can find some of the best long range baby monitors:

1) Panasonic Extra Long Range Baby Monitor:

This Panasonic baby monitor is one of the best baby monitors having an extended range of 1500ft. In addition, it is budget-friendly and supports two-way audio so that you can talk to your baby remotely.

This baby monitor provides a secure connection because of its DECT technology. The customizable motion and sound sensors give you smart alerts whenever your baby does some movement. The monitor is also capable of playing soothing sounds.

This Panasonic baby monitor supports up to 4 cameras so that you can monitor your other babies also. Considering its range and other features, it is indeed one of the best long range baby monitors.


  • Extra-long range
  • Motion, sound, and temperature detection
  • High image quality
  • Good battery backup


  • Additional cameras are expensive.

2) VTech VM321 Video Baby Monitor:

Vtech produces one of the best baby monitors. This Vtech VM321 baby monitor comes with an incredible range of 1000ft. It uses DECT technology that reduces noise and provides you with clear audio. It also has powerful zoom and a built-in night vision.

The monitor also features a 6-level sound indicator and has a 2.4Ghz frequency. It also alerts you when you’ve gone out of range.


  • Split Screen
  • Clear audio
  • Temperature and out of range alerts


  • The battery backup is not good.

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