Babba C Rivera Best Eco Conscious Blogger

Babba C Rivera is a Swedish Latina currently living in New York City whose minimal, Scandinavian-inspired style has helped her to gather over 159,000 followers on Instagram alone—she’s so successful that she even found herself on the Forbes Under 30 list! If you’re looking for unique street-style inspiration, Babba’s page is the perfect place to look. She effortlessly mixes casual outfits with bright colours, statement pieces and killer accessories that would look great on everyone. Alongside her fashion content, Babba is also the resident Eco Beauty Expert at Vogue Scandinavia and has gone on to launch her own clean haircare range, inspired by her Latinx heritage, called Ceremonia

Some of Babba’s most popular posts include her guide to summer dressing and her more recent tips video that explains how you can easily style loafers. You can find more of Babba’s content on Instagram and Twitter.

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