Does Having Multiple Monitors Affect Your Performance

Many people now enjoy multiple monitors at home as well as in the office. Over the years, the price has become more affordable. We also use our digital tools so much more, including for entertainment and communication. Moreover, it’s common knowledge that a 6 monitor setup improves your productivity.

The question is whether it affects your overall computer performance. If you go to , you’ll find the top specifications to meet the ultimate performance levels for your daily tasks.

What Is A Multiple Monitor Setup?

A multi-monitor is also known as multi-display in which more than 1 display device is used like monitors, Televisions and Projectors. They are mainly used in complex programming tasks and high-end gaming. Multiple Monitors allow the users to do different tasks at the same time. There are many methods in which you can set up a multiple monitor setup at your home or office.

Does a 6 Monitor Setup Affect Performance?

Whether you have two, three, or 6 monitors, you might wonder whether your computer has a limit to what it can support. The short answer is that yes, there comes a point when your desktop or laptop might lag, regardless of whether you run Windows 10 or Mac.

Having said that, you can plan ahead and get the right specification for your monitor setup to avoid this. The following requirements are key:

  • Graphics cards
  • Monitor settings
  • Cable management

Graphics cards

Most computers come with an integrated graphics card that powers all the images on your screens. This then leaves your CPU more space to handle the other jobs. Of course, it’s worth checking that you have the top brands, either AMD or Intel for your processor.

In terms of your graphics card, or video card, you’ll need to check what you need with multiple monitor setups. For example, if you’re a gamer then you’ll probably want the top-of-the-range Radeon and NVIDIA graphics cards. These start at around 4GB but can go up to 12GB. You can shop for the best NVIDIA graphic cards by shopping through NVIDIA Shield coupons.

Monitor settings

It’s possible to overwork your computer if you have different resolution display screens. Sometimes, simply making sure you’ve set them at the same color format settings can be enough. You might now always be able to go out to get new screens for your monitor. The good news is that it doesn’t matter what inch screen you opt for.

Cable management

Gamers often add components, for example, an extra graphics card, to the motherboard. Those cables only have a small impact but they can make your computer run slightly hotter. It can also make it very confusing to troubleshoot your 6 monitor setup.

Then, of course, make sure that your power supply unit isn’t too far from your computer to make tidying up your cables easier. Those cables tend to come in one of the following formats for the ports on your setup: HDMI, VGA, DVI, USB, or DisplayPort.

Improving your Personal Performance on a 6 Monitor Setup

Performance isn’t just about the equipment. You also need to know how to make the most of your setup.

  • Manage distractions
  • Organize your workflow
  • Ergonomics

Manage distractions

The biggest challenge for anyone working with a multi-monitor setup is to avoid all the potential for diversion. It’s often tempting to have your social media platforms up and running as well as any communication tools such as slack. As most of us know only too well, we can get lost for hours in those tools.

Everyone has to find their own approach to managing distractions on a 6 monitor setup. A useful tip is to turn off notifications and to set specific times during the day to check the various channels.

Organize your workflow

This might sound obvious but if you don’t arrange your workflow, your multi-monitor setup will look like a crazy pile of windows scattered around. Just like a tidy desk helps us be more efficient so an organized 6 monitor setup enables us to be more productive.

Organizing your workflow system might seem strange at first. One way to do this is to align your to-do list with each display on your monitors. Of course, what you're working on will be on your central display. Then, everything else can be arranged in order of priority backward from your central monitor screen. It's a great way to keep yourself motivated also as you can see things going down as you complete them.


No one can work with aches and pains. These can also build up gradually over time and take us by surprise. So, it’s worth looking into ergonomic chairs and getting adjustable mounts for your monitors. That way, you can make sure that everything is arranged at the right height to avoid you straining. You might also want to consider investing in monitors that emit less blue light and that use anti-flicker technology.

Key Takeaways for Maximizing your 6 Monitor Setup

Optimizing your performance means partnering with your equipment. Get to know its limits and connect extra components to the motherboard if you need higher performance from your 6 monitor setup. Then, make sure you know how to manage your distractions and how to be comfortable at your multi-monitor setup. With all that in place, you’ll be maximizing both your and your equipment’s performance.

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